Interesting Facts About Animals

When you see your cat happy or pleased, they tend to shut their eyes. A big list of fun facts can be found here. 

Read on to try some.

Which animal has four knees? Well, it is definitely the elephants.

An African cicada would spend seventeen years of its life sleeping and would wake up for only 2 weeks, then they will start mating and diet.

Not all hearts are located in the chest. Why? Because the heart of the shrimp is found in its head.

Not all of the black animals are really black since the eyes of the lemurs are blue.

Another astonishing fact regarding the cats is that they are able to hear the ultrasound.

The jaguars are not so brave since they are frightened by the dogs.

The memory of a gold fish is three months.

Another fascinating fact about goldfish is that they can be trained in memorizing mazes for about a month and you can also train them to push levers for the food.

There is this one little creature that does not go to sleep. They are the ants.

Spotted dogs? The Dalmatians are not spotted at all when they were born.

The roosters tend to extend their necks so that they can start crowing, or else they cannot.

The armadillos have 4 babies at a time and they have the same gender.

Aside from humans, the pygmy chimpanzee or bonobo monkeys are the only creatures that face each other during an intercourse.

A snail is able to glide over the razor blade without getting hurt by creating a slime that would help it glide safely.

The humans are not the only ones who are categorized with left or right handed since cats and dogs also do.

Not all fluffy and transparent polar bears have white skin since they also have black skin.

Which animal can generate the loudest sound among all animals? Well, only the blue whales can do this at 188 decibels which can be detected for more than 800 km away.

Only the chameleon is able to see the two opposing directions all at once since they are able to move their eyes independently.

All mammals are capable of jumping including the dolphins, but there is a particular animal who is not able to do it, the elephants.

Eating using your mouth? Yes, but the frogs also make use of their eyes as they eat their food. how is this possible? The frogs would pull their eyes inward going to their mouth to assist in pushing the food down going to their throat.